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Coaching containers designed to support you as you integrate the knowledge of your Human Design. We'll work together to process anything that comes up, dive into your beliefs and mindset as we make space for grounding.

These sessions are for those who's previously had a Foundational, Advanced Reading or Connection Session with me and would like some additional support in integrating their Human Design knowledge.

Choose between 3x or 6x 75 min sessions to be booked at your convenience. Sessions will be available for a year after purchase.

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Doing an actual reading (my first ever HD reading) with Jes absolutely BLEW MY MIND!! I had no idea that you could go sooooo deep with Human Design. I came away with a much better understanding of how the intricacies of Human Design works.

Listening to Jes explain my HD chart to me felt so liberating! I had so many "aha" moments and things that just clicked for me.  Jess is totally in her zone of passion and genius when it comes to human design reading - and she has such a gift when it comes to holding space for people.

I highly recommend doing a reading with Jes! It's an absolutely fascinating and liberating experience :)

Emily P
Human Design Sessions

The most significant change I have noticed has been being more aware of what I need to do for myself, internally, mentally and spiritually to continue to maintain or build my goals/achievements. 

Jes is my wellness check-point. We easily get lost in the everyday chaos of life. Having someone like Jes helps to ground you back to remember what's important and why you reach out to a coach in the first place. They help to remind you to put yourself first.

I would recommend Jess to anyone who won't give up on themselves and truly want to achieve some kind of improvement no matter how big or small.

Mary Tang
Coaching Sessions